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What is the GPA-Win?

This software has been specially developed for the GPA film thickness measuring units. With the PC connected to the GPA by Ethernet, all set data required for the measurement is entered by the operator. Once the measurement is finished, the software automatically saves the measurement data and the thickness profile. Even if you are not connected to the GPA, there is the possibility to process and evaluate the recorded profiles.

Presenting the GPA-Win
See the software in action.

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Octagon Equipment

Leader for more than thirty years in thickness profile measurement.

Profile Analysis:

This programme analyses the thickness profile in relation to the symmetrical factors of the extruder that influence the thickness distribution. Thus it is possible to find out which elements of the blown film line cause problems and to what extent they influence the quality of the film. By means of appropriate adjustments of these elements the indicated errors can be eliminated.


Gauss Distribution:

This indicates the number of measured values that exceed the tolerance limit and shows their statistical distribution. Additionally, the machine capacity cpk is calculated and displayed.


Processing the profile:

All programmed values can be changed after the measurement has been finished. An edge filter makes it possible to erase false measurements such as plies.
Up to 10 profiles can be selected from the database for overlaying.

All the software we use on our equipment is developed by Octagon.

We guarantee quality in every aspect.

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Benefits and Advantages of
using the GPA-Win software.

img computer 1

Graphic review

Automatic saving of data

Comprehensive assessment

Helps identify and eliminate problems on the extrusion line

All set data entered on PC

Windows operating system from version XP SP3, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64)

Quality in
every detail.

See our photo gallery of the GPA-Win software. The complete software in every aspect.

pol port
Überlagerung port
FFT port
kart port

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We are a technology center which has guaranteed our customers spare parts and technical support for over 30 years. As holders of an unequalled record of keeping systems running for 30 years, 24 hours a day, we are proud of the stability of our systems and the quality in technical support.

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Our software is incredibly easy to use. Here’s some of the data you’ll see on the screen:

Cartesian chart

Polar chart

Gauss distribution

Tolerances (%, μm, 1-, 2-, 3-Sigma)

Cpk machine capacity

Fourier Analysis

Profile analysis

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