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Turning on the system the PMS-B Sensor will start rotating around the bubble and measure the thickness. Every time after completion of a full rotation the system will give information of all the thick and thin spots of the film.


With the completion of each rotation, the sensor passes the information of thickness distribution to the computer. Upon receiving this information the air ring starts working automatically to correct the thick and thin spots.

Technical features:

Measuring range: 6 – 500 µm
Resolution: 0,1 µm

Quality in
every detail

See our photo gallery of the PMS- Sensor. Measuring precision is the motto of PMS-B.

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We are a technology center which has guaranteed our customers spare parts and technical support for over 30 years. As holders of an unequalled record of keeping systems running for 30 years, 24 hours a day, we are proud of the stability of our systems and the quality in technical support.

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Frequent questions

It is the best in cost benefit, not only because it is the fastest sensor but also because it has the unique feature of allowing you to start production during start-up in “fast” mode with increased measuring speed. Once stable production has been reached the rotation of the sensor returns to normal speed. In this way the volume of scrap decreases substantially with production changes, because the initial thickness corrections are made quickly and efficiently and in a few minutes the film reaches the desired tolerances.

The PMS-B is the best-selling sensor and in 90% of cases it does not mark the film.
For critical, very thin or tacky film we specify the VenPad sensor (Patented) without contact.

Mechanically the PMS-B Sensor is the most robust on the market. Its maintenance is very simple, just keep the Sensor clean and lubricate the bearings and the end-of-rotation mechanics. Our system is fully protected preventing the paraffin present in the plastic resins from reaching the moving parts such as conveyor belt, cables plugs, etc.

This sensor is recommended for all types of film with the exception of film with barrier layer. Film with energy-conductive components needs to be analyzed in advance. For barrier film we specify the PMS-FF Sensor.

For excellent thickness measurement, the sensor requires a strong mechanical support.

Having been manufacturing oscillating sensors for over 20 years we got to know the reality of the plastic industry very well. So we have perfected our systems over the years that they can work 24 hours a day without any stop seven days a week. Our system has been developed to function in the most diverse environments or climatic conditions. We guarantee stability and continuity in the functioning of our systems. At Octagon we know how to connect technology with the necessary robustness required in the industrial environment.

Yes. You can purchase only the sensor and use it for online measurement.

Yes. Contact our sales manager:
Mr. Klaus Janzen

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Welcome! We are Octagon, a world reference in technology for the plastic industry.

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