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Automatic Air Ring for Thickness Control of Blown Film Extrusion

Elevate your plastic film extrusion line’s performance with cutting-edge film thickness control, delivering a uniform film gauge via air-modulated gauge control.

Why SmartLip?

Enhance flatness.
Minimize film waste.
Optimize profit margins.

The SmartLip ONE represents the pinnacle of Octagon’s 35-year history in developing automatic air rings and tecnhology for the blown film industry, showcasing the utmost perfection achieved.

The SmartLip Automatic Air Ring is a cutting-edge solution for precise control of transverse direction film thickness. With its innovative approach to air modulated gauge control, it swiftly achieves uniform film gauge and ensures on-time production alignment.

Reducing tolerances by up to 70%, this special air ring ensures optimal properties for the manufacture of technical films. In addition to standardizing quality, it reduces production cost and increases extruder production capacity by up to 30%.

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How It Works

How does an automatic air ring work?

Air rings play a critical role in the plastic film extrusion process by controlling and maintaining the thickness and quality of the produced film. Leveraging over 35 years of expertise, Octagon has transformed this process into a more streamlined and simplified experience.

Equipment Upgrade

Got an old extruder? Be surprised by the ROI of an upgrade.

Discover six compelling reasons why upgrading to SmartLip from your existing air ring is a worthwhile investment:

Get advanced process control, automation, and data monitoring capabilities. Gain better control over process parameters, enhanced troubleshooting capabilities, and the ability for data-driven decisions.
By attaining faster startup times, you can minimize downtime of your blown film extrusion line.
Reduce the need for human interventions and manual control. SmartLip makes adjustments to your film extrusion line automatically based on thickness measurement.
By upgrading to newer and more resilient technology you benefit from improved reliability and simplified maintenance procedures.
Incorporate energy-saving features and optimized designs that reduce power consumption while achieving even greater product quality and productivity.
Save money, reduce waste.
Ready to take the leap?

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Benefits it brings

Meet the benefits SmartLip can bring to your company

Add SmartLip to your film extrusion line and take advantage of all these benefits.

We are leaders in gauging and thickness technology for over 35 years.

Why SmartLip

The best automatic air ring in the market

The single air inlet design helps optimize air consumption and allows for more precise adjustment of the air volume.

By controlling the air gap, operators can fine-tune the cooling effect and optimize bubble stability.

Improve bubble stability with our latest design engineered to distribute the cooling air evenly around the circumference of the bubble.

Choose between 2 or 3 air chambers and achieve even more cooling control.

The updated aesthetics of the air ring showcase Octagon’s commitment to innovation.

The MC8 is an exclusive elevation model designed by Octagon for its air rings. It allows better bubble geometry and easier maintenance.

Searching for the technical stuff?

Download the SmartLip guide

Product Combinations

Find the best combination for your extrusion line

Octagon has got you covered. We offer a wide range of options tailored to your blown film extrusion line requirements. Our product portfolio includes various air ring versions available in different sizes, lip quantities, and elevation systems.

Achieve precise control over the thickness of your film with our diverse selection of thickness gauge alternatives.

Need help finding the right combination of systems?

SmartLip One 350

SmartLip DL

SmartLip TL






Objective and uncomplicated

Intuitive and simple to use

Introducing ScenEx, a software developed by Octagon for the seamless automation of extrusion lines. It operates inside an IPC system integrated to the automatic air ring, empowering you with total control and real-time data of film thickness.


Frequent Questions

Our biggest difference is in training!

On the day of the SmartLip installation you will receive a simple Operating Manual in the language of the operator followed by a detailed training session of your operators and maintenance team by our engineers where your team will be instructed in “everything.” We guarantee that your people will be able to operate our systems as this is part of the “partnership” we form. Octagon is a company that has a very close relationship with its customers.

Very simple, just call or contact our technical service who will be pleased to help you.

80% of the problems are operational which can be solved quickly and simply.
Just send a photo or video via WhatsApp and with their practical experience our service people will understand your problem and can help practically and quickly.

When purchasing an Octagon equipment you will be asked to sign a document to authorize the exchange of information via WhatsApp.

Very simple, just call or contact our technical service who will be pleased to help you.

Very simple, just call or contact our technical service who will be pleased to help you.

We have a dedicated team for extruder manufacturers and offer full support for systems integration and automation.


On 80% of old extruders it is possible to install a SmartLip, sometimes adaptations are necessary.

Our sales team is trained and oriented to answer these questions. Based on a high ethical standard we treat every project with a high commitment.

In order to know how well your film can be corrected with SmartLip we can analyse your film. Just send us a sample of film produced on the extruder in question so we can see the results of a simulated profile correction.

Now, to calculate the productive gain it is necessary to contact us for an evaluation, because every extruder itself has its mechanical limits such as the winder and nip speed, extruder capacity limited by screw speed, etc.

Having taken these limits into account and you conclude that more output is merely limited by a flattering bubble when cooling air is added.

In 80% of the cases we can maintain the system currently on the machine. Otherwise we have solutions.

Octagon enhances blown film extrusion all over the globe.

Meet our solutions​

Brought to you by Octagon's extensive 35-year history in manufacturing solutions for the blown film industry

Discover Octagon’s extensive range of solutions and products specifically designed for blown film extrusion. Contact our sales team today to unlock new levels of productivity and maximize your efficiency.

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