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Retrofitting & equipment upgrade

Upgrade of extruders and co-extruders

Boost the production capacity of your existing extruders by 20-30% and improve thickness variation tolerances by 50-70%.

What is it?

What is an extruder and co-extruder upgrade?

The goal of upgrading a blown film extruder is to enhance or improve its performance and capabilites by incorporating new equipment and technology. Updates can be applied to both mono and co-extruders, as well as extruders designed for films with or without barriers.

Octagon boasts a track record of clients who have successfully upgraded their outdated extruders, resulting in a remarkable 20-30% increase in production capacity and an enhancement of 50-70% in thickness variation tolerances.

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Equipment Upgrade

6 reasons to upgrade your blown film extruder

Discover six compelling reasons why upgrading your extrusion line is a worthwhile investment:

Boost your film production capacity (kg/h) by up to 30%
Reduce variations and enhance thickness profile tolerances by up to 70%
Standardize quality with tighter quality control and consistency
Improve rates of second-hand extruders to match modern global standards
Automate quality control eliminating the need for operator intervention
Minimize scrap and reduce waste of raw material

Got an old extruder? Be surprised by the ROI of an upgrade

The investment made in upgrading your extrusion line can be rapidly recovered through cost savings and increased productivity resulting from the improvements

We are experts in modernization of extrusion lines

From the simplest models with a single rotating head to the most advanced and modern extruders, Octagon possesses expertise in upgrading a wide range of systems.

Regardless of the complexity or age of your extruder, we have the capability to enhance its performance, efficiency, and functionality through our upgrade solutions. Trust us to deliver top-notch results, regardless of the type or sophistication of your existing extruder.

Production capacity increase up to
Thickness tolerances improvement by up to

Spare parts

Octagon ensures that legacy systems remain updated and current.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have built strong relationships. To cater to the needs of our valued older customers, we maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts, including those for older systems. If your system requires attention, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We are here to assist you in bringing your system up to date, restoring its functionality to a like-new condition.

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Octagon enhances blown film extrusion all over the globe.

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Brought to you by Octagon's extensive 35-year history in manufacturing solutions for the blown film industry

Discover Octagon’s extensive range of solutions and products specifically designed for blown film extrusion. Contact our sales team today to unlock new levels of productivity and maximize your efficiency.

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