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Gear and software to monitor and control blown film production lines

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We build systems for blown film control

In today’s industry, the pursuit of high-quality standards and technical excellence demands a continuous enhancement of the production process. Octagon strives to optimize the efficiency of blown film production through automation, process monitoring, and control. All to ensure that your production remains under constant surveillance, guaranteeing adherence to the highest quality standards.

Our resistant hardware and exclusive software facilitate the generation of production reports encompassing gravimetric dosing, width, and thickness profile control. By embracing automation, monitoring, and data-driven insights, we empower your production line to achieve superior performance.

Automatic control of extrusion lines

We are leaders in gauging and thickness technology for over 35 years.

What is ScenEx

Measuring film width inline in plastic film extrusion is of paramount importance for several reasons.
The ScenEx system is a process controller and key component designed for the optimal automatic control of blown film extrusion lines, for film with and without barrier and for a thickness from 8 to 300 μm. Combining advanced technology with market needs, it offers a number of measurement and control solutions for both mono and coextruders. Increases in quality and productivity are immediate and raw materials savings and reduced waste ensure a fast return on investment.
Thanks to the unique integration of various measuring and control modules, it is possible to determine the function of the process controls carried out by ScenEx. This allows automatic control of everything from gravimetric dosing of the plastic film components to the thickness profile. All modules are equipped with their own CPU and are connected via an industrial network for continuous and secure data transmission.

For visualisation and operation of the extrusion process, ScenEx deatures an industrial PC. Its user interface is optimally designed for maximum user-friendliness and offers a clear and concise display of all process data. This enables simple and efficient operation of the system and minimises extruder downtime and start-up times.


Integrated control systems from Octagon

Quality control, optimised products, production increase, savings in raw materials

By integrating the different ScenEx modules, the following measurement and control tasks can be implemented on extrusion lines:

Module WLS

  • Fast and accurate display of exact throughput values
  • Throughput control on mono and coex lines with up to 7 extruders
  • Layer thickness control on coex lines
  • Weight per metre control

Modules GDS and GDS-Eco

  • Gravimetric dosing of up to 6 secondary components per extruder
  • Integrated WLS module for throughput measurement and control

Modules LMS, GMS and Scan

  • Measurement and control of film width

Modules PMS-A, PMS-B, VenPad, PMS-F

  • Capacitive meaqsurement of thickness profile

Modules SmartLip, SmartLip SL, SmartLip DL, SmartLip TL, mc8

  • Automatic control of the variation of the film thickness profile
  • Adjustment of the bubble geometry and mechanical properties of the film by means of the mc8 lifting system

Operating the system using IPC

  • Software DIAG-Win Comfort
  • MS SQL database available for data memory
  • Remote support for system diagnosis and maintenance

Unique features of the ScenEx system

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