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Track and control plastic film width

Meet Octagon’s solutions to automate inline monitoring and control of width for plastic film with and without gussets.


Why is inline measurement of film width necessary?

Measuring film width inline in plastic film extrusion is of paramount importance for several reasons.

Ensure constant product quality with continuou monitoring

Keep the tolerance range to a minimum with real-time width monitoring

Reduce customer complaints and meet order expectations

Be protected against errors caused by manual width measurement

Get to know

How does it work

Two discs equipped with sensors are strategically positioned at the edges of the film. When dealing with film without gussets, the film smoothly passes over the front surface of these discs. The system allows for the adjustment of maximum and minimum tolerance limits for the total width of the film.

Should the actual width of the film exceed these established tolerance limits, an alarm is triggered, alerting operators to the deviation from the desired width range. This alarm serves as a proactive warning system, enabling prompt corrective action to be taken in order to rectify any width variations and ensure adherence to the specified tolerance levels.

Film with gussets

On film with gussets the discs are positioned inside the gussets so that all four edges can be detected for calculation of the width.

There are two infrared sensors on each sensor disc one on the front and one on the back of the disc. The measurement takes place by the four sensors detecting the two front and the two rear edges of the gussets. With gusseted film it is necessary to enter in the computer the depth of the gussets and the total nominal width in terms of mm.

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Meet the ACS

Our solution for automatic width control

The ACS is a width controller that’s part of a system developed by Octagon to enable automatic control of film width on extruders without IBC (Internal Bubble Cooling).

By regulating the volume of air within the bubble, the ACS system ensures consistent film width, aligning it with the predetermined nominal value.

This technology relieves operators from the manual task of width control, freeing them to focus on other critical responsibilities within the extrusion hall.

How does it work

The process starts at the end of the film production line, where the width of the film is measured using a width gauge.
The width information is then processed and transmitted to a computer system, which analyzes the data and communicates the necessary instructions to the ACS.
The ACS utilizes compressed air to actively regulate the width of the film. It achieves this by automatically adjusting the inflation and deflation of the bubble, ensuring that the film reaches and maintains the desired width throughout the production process.


Frequent Questions

Yes, the system informs on the depth of the front gusset in relation to the rear gusset.

Yes, the GMS sensor is a complete system for width measurement with and without gusset. Equipped with two infra-red sensors on each side it can detect the two edges on film without and the four edges on film with gussets.

Yes. An alarm is triggered as soon as the film edges move outside the desired tolerance and when the measured width steps outside the tolerance limits.

For all films that need precise widths. It controls the gusset depths as well as the overall width of the film, therefore providing the perfect quality control with the provision of reports if required.

This is pretty simple, it only needs cleaning the sensor and lubricating the moving parts.

Yes. Modern extruder manufacturers integrate our sensors for automatic gusset control in the collapsing frame and in the bubble cage with IBC for automatic width control. For electronic integration a + and – signal is provided.

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