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What is SmartLip?

SmartLip is an air ring for automatic control of the thickness profile of blown film.


Reducing tolerances by up to 70%, this special air ring ensures optimal properties for the manufacture of technical films. In addition to standardizing quality, it reduces production cost and increases extruder production capacity by up to 30%.

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Why use SmartLip in your company?

The unique difference of the SmartLip DL air ring lies in its mechanical design of the automatic control of the air flow where control elements position themselves automatically.


The process of thickness profile correction in the SmartLip air ring is achieved by internal movement of the elements that control the zones of the cooled airflow.


This gives the edge over other systems for better control of geometry, bubble stability and thickness profile correction.

sensor capacitivo

Capacitive sensor for measuring thickness profile

Octagon offers several sensor models for thickness measurement. All of them can be connected to the SmartLip Air Ring for automatic thickness profile control.


Upon activating the system, the sensor starts to measure the thickness variations around the film. After completing a full rotation of 360º, the thick and thin spots of the profile are identified.


With completion of each sensor rotation, a complete thickness profile is displayed on the computer screen. Simultaneously the automatic air ring receives the information where the thickness variations need to be corrected.

Increase in production

How can increases in production be achieved with the SmartLip TL air ring?

1st. The internal airflow distribution is uniform reducing the risk of bubble collapse to a minimum. This allows the operator to “pump” more air during the process.


2nd. The automatic adjustment of mechanical settings allows the operator to make fine adjustments.


3rd. With the air flow being automatically controlled the operator is able to accelerate the extruder. Example: an extruder without the automatic air ring has an operating limit when the balloon starts to wobble (flatter). With the SmartLip air ring the bubble begins to flatter at a later point due to special design of lipset and the operator can make fine adjustments while accelerating the extruder. In parallel he can follow the thickness variations on the monitor.


4th. In the Triple Lip model the third air outlet “pre-cools” the hot melt coming out of the head, allowing the operator to increase the extrusion capacity without losing neither bubble stability nor the mechanical properties of the film such as shrinkage, brightness, etc.

img ganho producao

in detail

See our photo gallery of SmartLip, the complete product in every aspect.

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Large companies rely on our solutions.
We are a reference in technology for the plastic industry.

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We are a technology center which has guaranteed our customers spare parts and technical support for over 30 years. As holders of an unequalled record of keeping systems running for 30 years, 24 hours a day, we are proud of the stability of our systems and the quality in technical support.

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Systems Available

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SmartLip Dual Lip DL

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SmartLip Triple Lip TL

Possible system combinations:

Sensor de Espessura PMS-B - Octagon Blown Film Control
sensor pms ff 1
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dosador gds eco

to operate

Our software is incredibly easy to use. Here is some of the data you will have on the screen:

Cartesian diagram

Polar diagram

Gauss diagram

Tolerances (%, μm, 1-, 2-, 3-Sigma)

Cpk machine capacity

Fourier Analysis

Profile Analysis

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Frequent questions

Our biggest difference is in training!

On the day of the SmartLip installation you will receive a simple Operating Manual in the language of the operator followed by a detailed training session of your operators and maintenance team by our engineers where your team will be instructed in “everything.” We guarantee that your people will be able to operate our systems as this is part of the “partnership” we form. Octagon is a company that has a very close relationship with its customers.

Very simple, just call or contact our technical service who will be pleased to help you:
Phone: +49 931 279670
WhatsApp: +49 1520 2950814 (English, Portuguese, Spanish German and French)

If you wish to speak to someone in Brazil due to the time zone, contact:

Mr. Hugo Janzen
WhatsApp: +55 41 98412-9656

We have technical Support and spare part in Brazil.
At Octagon your contact is always welcome!

80% of the problems are operational which can be solved quickly and simply.
Just send a photo or video via WhatsApp and with their practical experience our service people will understand your problem and can help practically and quickly.

When purchasing an Octagon equipment you will be asked to sign a document to authorize the exchange of information via WhatsApp.

Very simple, Click HERE and receive a step by step informative. (Coming soon. Stay tuned!)

Or send an E-mail to
Mr Klaus Janzen (Sales Manager)

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Or send an E-mail to
Mr Klaus Janzen (Sales Manager)

Yes, send an E-mail to:
Mr. Klaus Janzen (Sales Manager)
We have a dedicated team for extruder manufacturers and offer full support for systems integration and automation.

On 80% of old extruders it is possible to install a SmartLip, sometimes adaptations are necessary.

Our sales team is trained and oriented to answer these questions. Based on a high ethical standard we treat every project with a high commitment.

In order to know how well your film can be corrected with SmartLip we can analyse your film. Just send us a sample of film produced on the extruder in question so we can see the results of a simulated profile correction.

Now, to calculate the productive gain it is necessary to contact us for an evaluation, because every extruder itself has its mechanical limits such as the winder and nip speed, extruder capacity limited by screw speed, etc.

Having taken these limits into account and you conclude that more output is merely limited by a flattering bubble when cooling air is added, please CLICK HERE and receive the guidelines for calculating production increases. (Coming soon. Stay tuned!)

Or send an E-mail to
Mr Klaus Janzen (Sales Manager)

In 80% of the cases we can maintain the system currently on the machine. Otherwise we have solutions.

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