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Who we are

    Made in Germany

We are Octagon. We stand for technology and innovation.

Our highly qualified team includes physicists, hardware specialists, software programmers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, designers and technicians in general. This is the basis for having been able to produce systems for quality management of blown film extrusion.

Since its founding in 1987 Octagon has been a profitable company with continuous growth and establishing itself around the world.

It’s a great pleasure!
We are Octagon.

Grateful for our past and we are ready for the future, welcome to the new Octagon! In January 2020, Mr. C. Andreas Janzen, in partnership with the Horsch Group, took over the management of Octagon.

This new alliance brought new investments, innovative management and excellent support that only a large group like Horsch can provide.

Octagon remains 100% focused on the plastic packaging sector, continuing with its talented team, the culture of quality and the development of its own technology, which is the brand’s DNA.

This new management is investing in technology and innovation but above all, it has acknowledged with applause its technical team that has proven to be unmatched. We are convinced in having the best professionals in this sector in the world.

All existing positions of coordinators were maintained and we are continuing with the training of new talents.

Meet our team of coordinators

Robert Uhlemann

Operations Management

C. Andreas Janzen


Andreas Meixner

Senior Service Engineer

Klaus Janzen

Sales Manager

Jürgen Geiger

Technical Manager

Olaf Laser

Production Manager

Roland Schäfer

Design Engineer

Joachim Hemberger

Electronic Engineer

Walter Piechulla


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