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We are Octagon. We stand for technology and innovation.

Since its foundation in 1987, Prof. Dr. Karl, with his patents for innovative products, has made the name Octagon well-known throughout the plastic film extrusion industry word-wide.

Over the years he has formed a highly qualified technical team including physicists, hardware specialists, programmers of special software, mechanical and electronic engineers, designers and technicians dedicated to research and development of products and services.

Octagon: Learn about the history of the new management.

The beginning of a new age, without a doubt, but with an explicit and inspiring benchmark from the former owner Prof. Dr. Karl, who after more than three decades in the constantly changing market, has handed over the entire management of Octagon Blown Film Control to Mr. Carl Andreas Janzen.

In spite of their different areas of expertise, the transition has proven to be a triumph thereby marking the beginning of a new age at Octagon – one of the most renowned companies in the industry.

Meet Carl Andreas Janzen, the new director of Octagon?

Having been active in the plastics machinery and equipment industry for more than 15 years, Carl Andreas Janzen saw great potential in Octagon. He joined the company in July 2017 bringing a new vision and commercial approach. This and his increased ambitions led to an annual growth rate of over 30%. This vision had been acquired throughout his career and global experience, participating in trade fairs around the world, creating relationships and partnerships with several strong names within the sector. Another factor was his deep knowledge in executive management which helped to boost the company’s sales and revenues.

A Brazilian with dual nationality (Brazil-Germany) and an expert in inbound and outbound marketing, Carl Andreas Janzen is known for fresh momentum in companies.


How did the sale of Octagon proceed?

The sale of Octagon started its process in 2017 with an offer made to a family member. However, this sale did not materialize, so Prof. Dr. Karl decided early 2018 to extend his offer to the open market by inviting a number of external investors.

For a traditional company in the market, known for technology, its numerous patents and a track record of 30 years of success, obviously several companies in the sector made their offer, however without finalising any deal.

How did Mr. Janzen acquire Octagon?

Having followed the whole process and seeing the company’s success brought about by his own significant results, Carl Andreas Janzen decided to invest and made a proposal to fully acquire Octagon.

The proposal was accepted by Prof. Dr. Karl with the purchase of the company being made official in April 2020. A new age at Octagon had begun.

Who are the current Octagon investors?

The key point was the Horsch Group entering in the negotiations. With his important network of contacts and trust, Carl Andreas Janzen found in the Horsch Group the support to invest and add value by their participation in the strategic management of the company. Therefore new horizons had been created for the potential of Octagon.

Currently, the Horsch Group are part owners of the company.

Horsch Octagon Blown Film Control

What were the developments after the purchase?

The transition process was a complete success. All employees remained with the company, thus ensuring that all the know-how was retained. New investments and hiring of personal are being made, with the aim of expanding with new talent.

New projects are underway and expectations are high for the K-2022 trade fair. At this exhibition, new patents are planned to be presented as well as the new software solutions and technologies that are under development. These will help transform the plastics sector faster and also contribute to protecting the environment.

Meet our team of coordinators

jürgen geiger

Dipl.-Phys. Jürgen Geiger

Technical Manager
andreas janzen 1

C. Andreas Janzen


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Meixner

Senior Service Engineer
klaus janzen

Klaus Janzen

Sales Manager
olaf laser

Olaf Laser

Production Manager
roland schafer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Roland Schäfer

Design Engineer
joachim hemberger 1

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Joachim Hemberger

Electronic Engineer
walter pieschula

Walter Piechulla


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