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Whats is WLS?

The WLS weighing system is used as measuring element for the control of throughput, weight per metre and average thickness. Highly sophisticated in design it assures safe functioning and reliability. The system is suitable for all free-flowing granulated resins.

The WLS can be operated independently or integrated into the GDS gravimetric dosing system. It is equipped with its own process electronics and is connected to the ScenEx system via an industrial network.

Its applications range from measurement of resin consumption in mono and coextrusion lines for blown film, to profiles, tubes and sheet for: Throughput control, Weight per metre control, Layer gauge control.

A patented weighing system with special features:

Tamper proof load cell

Weighing bin protected by external hopper

Weighing bin freely suspended and without being supported by any rubber joints prone to errors

Central flow of material

Weighing hopper operating independently of time or weight factors

Benefit of more accurate measurement by use of smaller load cells

Faster determination of the exact throughput value

Simple calibration with standard weights

All hoppers made of stainless steel

Series of models for productions up to 800 kg/h

Direct intrernet connection for remote fault diagnosis

All connections with plug-in connectors

Fully-met requirements:

Highest measuring accuracy

High measurement frequency

High degree of linearity over entire measuring range

Safe in functioning

Perfectly adaptable by modular design

Reduced costs:

Significant savings in resin consumption of up to 3 %

Considerably less scrap produced during start-up and job changes

Prevents film thickness moving above nominal value, resulting in savings in resin consumption

Optimal integration:

Mechanical and electrical installation fast and simple

Communication via fieldbus interface (e.g. profibus)

Easily integrated by simply connecting BUS cable, com¬pressed air and power supply

Octagon measuring modules

Technology especially developed for extrusion control

The pneumatic slide-valve has been especially developed for granulated resins. Its special mechanical features ensure a most reliable control of the material flow required for accurate measurement.

All load cells used are high-grade and hermetically sealed ensuring reliability and accuracy with the measurement of throughput. In addition, the exclusive external hopper protects the inner weighing hopper from external influences and vibrations.

Thanks to the special Octagon design the weighing hopper is centrally suspended. Neither counter weights nor rubber joints are used therefore eliminating any false measuring values.

An optional mounting frame is provided for easy fitting of the supply hopper or a hopper loader.

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