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Author: Octagon

smarlip 4

A new look for SmartLip

One more piece of equipment arriving at its final destination. The product this time is the SmartLip. It received a new paint job and updates as usual at Octagon. Our intention is continuous improvement so that our customers gain in productivity and generate a greater

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What happened this month at Octagon – 2021 May

In this last month orders have increased considerably. The dedication of the team has led to results. Our factory is at maximum capacity and we have taken steps to adapt to expanded production. We are very excited about what is to come and just wish

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Center of excellence

Octagon’s development room, the largest know-how per square meter in the industry, talent and technical capacity of a team that really knows what they’re doing. At Octagon, our commitment is to you, dear customer, and to the quality of our products. Octagon is a true

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What happened this month at Octagon?

With the first quarter of 2021 having passed we at Octagon have cause to look back with satisfaction. Despite all the upheavals caused by the pandemic, we had to find a rapid way to expand as our storage area had run out of space. The